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Uddipta Udayan Gogoi

 Uddipta Udayan Gogoi

Uddipta Udayan Gogoi
Uddipta Udayan Gogoi

Uddipta Udayan Gogoi is an excellent Web developer and and a student at S.F.S. Dhemaji he loves to play volleyball and he is also an Instagram user , Twitter user and many more 

His birthday is on 14 February 2008

His Father name is Chandra
And mother name Momi Gogoi

His Instagram profile name is- uddipta_udayan_gogoi

His tweeter profile name is -
Uddipta Udayan Gogoi

His Cousin Brothers name are - Mridupawn Gogoi , Thalpad Gogoi , Jagdish Gogoi , Manash Gogoi , Sankar prasad Gogoi , Rabi Sankar Gogoi 

He lives in Dhemaji Town 
Real Home Pub Subahi Dhemaji

Uddipta is very polite , respectful, friendly, lovely person 

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